While the organizers of the 2018 show have been busy working behind the scenes for months, it is now only 100 days until the big event! The skies over Nechako Valley will be filled with some of the finest aircraft and highly skilled pilots from Canada and beyond! Visitors from within and outside of our region will join us for the BC Day weekend.

There is an incredible amount of work put into an undertaking of this size, and it takes a truly dedicated group of volunteers.  Some goals accomplished to date are:

  • Tickets are available for purchase online here!  Purchase Show Passes, Dinner Tickets, Hangar Party Tickets and Camping Passes!
  • Our line-up of performers is  complete. We will announce them over the coming weeks via this website and Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
  • In addition to the high flying performers, the ramp will be filled to capacity with interesting and unique aircraft to view up close.
  • Top Notch professional Airshow Announcer Ken Hildebrant is ready to guide us through the show from behind the mic!
  • World Class “Air Boss” services have been enlisted.
  • Vendors are being secured for your comfort and convenience at the show. Vendors will include food, souvenirs, and more.
  • Projects are under way to ensure accessibility for everyone, including transportation from the parking to the audience area for those with mobility challenges.
  • Arrangements have been made to accomodate self-contained on-site camping.
  • Other projects under way involve site preparation, security, licensing and more!

We are always seeking corporate sponsors and volunteers to help make the 2018 show a huge success!

Stay tuned to our website and social media for further updates as the clock ticks down!